how to stream:

⋆ sign up and log into a soundcloud account (be sure to verify your email)
⋆ one play = 1 stream.
⋆ looping is okay, but not for too long. change songs every 5 plays or so.
⋆ using playlists is a good way to stream.
⋆ interact with the site every once in a while, e.g every hour or so by changing playlists, queuing a song, refreshing the page.

namjoon's works:



how to stream:

⋆ sign up and log into a youtube account
⋆ watch the video until the end
⋆ use 480p quality or higher
⋆ watch at least 2-3 videos in between, the videos should be minimum 30 seconds
⋆ don't loop the video
⋆ avoid using adblockers
⋆ don't clear your history

namjoon's (main) works:

playlists (all persona focused):